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04 March 2022

Hello friends!


Today I am writing to You with the informations about one assets bundle. This article will be about on, but great assets  bundle. Today, If You want, You can read about animations of characters, wchich United Studio 2020 is using in making of upcoming "True Kingdom" album. If You still do not know about this album, You can read and learn more about our upcoming album on this website, please I invite You.


In my opinion in look of game the most important is terrain (ground, trees, bushes, and everything about I have written in the past articles). Well, but in player view also very important are characters (enemies, allies, undependent persons). OK, we have characters, but they does not move - also animations for characters are needed. In this moment I do not think that animations have higher priority than characters (models, materials, colliders and more), but everytime characters without animations always stays in one pose. It is awful. Sumarazing: animations without characters are nothing, but characters without animations are weak and bad. United Studio 2020 cares about everything.



While we are working on "True Kingdom" album, we are using animations from not only bundle to making our characters so real. We are using some animations from bundles with characters, but it is not enought, we had to purchased additional bundle with animations. We have choosen "Sword and Shield Animset Pro", please click from Kubold, another click on Unity Asset Store. This package contain over 120 motion captured animations for characters with sword and shield. We can also use this with character with sword and without shield, United Studio 2020 sometimes does it. We are doing like I wrote before, because from history we know that not every warrior had shield. In times of the Roman Kingdom there was a lot of warriors without shields.


"Sword and Shield Animset Pro" by Kubold also contain bonuses like sword, shield, dummy character, prefabs of player and enemy (United Studio 2020 does not use those prefabs, we are making a lot of by ourselves) and more. "Sword and Shield Animset Pro" by Kubold is beautiful assets bundle; thank You, Kubold for made perfect assets and great work, with which United Studio 2020 is making upcoming "True Kingdom" album widely more realistic. Thanks a milion to Kubold. You did it great. I wish You more successes like this!


Last but not least, photos are from website of "Sword and Shield Animset Pro" on Unity Asset Store. If You, Kubold want to remove Your graphics from my website, please write to me and I will quickly delete your images.


Thanks for reading!

I wish You health and health!

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