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18 June 2023

Hello friends!


Today I would like to write about the upcoming album by UNITED STUDIO 2020 named "EXCITEMENT ABOUT TIME". Like I wrote in the other article on this website, the premiere is near (1st July 2023). I want to invite You to the "Disposal" single created for PC, which is the adaptation of the popular card game. You are able to download the folder with this game totally for free and have a joy (I wish You this). This is the latest published game by United Studio 2020 for PC. The last time there was another premiere which I also want to present to You. Our last single is named "Excitement" and it is created for the Android system. It is the game created in the Unity Engine about which You might have read in the previous article on this website. Like You write, we decided to publish two different singles promoting "Excitement About Time" album. We think that Everyone now may find at least one game which can give joy. Well, all of this is only the beginning of the fun from the complete next album. These are just the first steps. On the album there will be more than these two games, very useful programs albo will be included. More information about the applications and editions of the album will be shared soon in the next articles. Please, follow us and watch out for information and finally for the "EXCITEMENT ABOUT TIME" album!


Thanks for reading. I as United Studio 2020 wish you a great time!




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