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Hello friends!


Today You will not read a lot. I am sure that You remember my latest article, which was about the architecture of the Roman Kingdom. It was the  text, to be honest so short version of history of the architecture of the Roman Kingdom. In our latest article there were not images. For me It was very sad. I did it in this version, because I wanted to focus only on the history of the architecture and this architecture in arts. I did not put any images, because in my opinion in first article about the architecture of the Roman Kingdom the most important part was the history.


Well, now I am writing the next article about the architecture of the Roman Kingdom, but today I want to put some images and do not write about the history.


I share You some images of assets bundle, which was made by CrazyCool. First, very important - Images isn't mine. The Author of this images is the author of all assets bundle CrazyCool. CrazyCool, If You want to remove this images from my article, please write to me and I promise You that I will delete every images. Well, CrazyCool I want to thank You for the brilliantly assets. You did it so well. I think that Your art was one such an important part that is making United Studio 2020 games on "True Kingdom" album so real. I have chosen your assets bundle, because it was the best. Thank You again!


You can buy this assets bundle on the Unity Assets Store. To be honest, if You only CLICK You are on official website of the Unity Assets Store and from this website You can buy art made by CrazyCool and more fantastic authors.


Like I wrote in the latest article on this website, in upcoming games You will see the historical style and the art style of the architecture of the Roman Kingdom. In every game You will see some from this assets bundle. It such an important part.


Well, I don't want to write anymore about the architecture of the Roman Kingdom, which will be in our upcoming "True Kingdom" album. You know a lot, but I know that You do not know everything and I am sure that for maximum, full knowldge You have to wait for release of "True Kingdom" album:) Let Yourself be surprised!


Thanks for reading and please return!

Stay in perfect health and mood!























12 December 2021

Architecture of the Roman Kingdom (Images)




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