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Architecture of the Roman Kingdom (Short text)

05 December 2021

Hello friends!


Today I have the next article about United Studio 2020 upcoming album, which is "True Kingdom" for You. I will write about building on maps, which will be on "True Kingdom". Thanks for coming. First, I have to write the disclaimer that all parts of art were changing during the Roman Kingdom like all parts of art during all the history. Architecture in times of the Roman Kingdom was evolving especially. Like You know I love history and I quite like art, which contains architecture. So I must explain to You the history of the evolution of buildings in ancient Rome. First Rome was wooden. Roofs were making using hay. Villages near Rome, which were living ancient tribes, were also wooden. In some historians' opinion Rome in the beginning was built using stones. Like I wrote in one article, there is the legend about seven kings of Rome. It is only a legend. Only historical King is the last one - Lucius Tarquinius Superbus. According to the legend of seven kings of Rome, Etruscan origin king, fifth king of Rome, Lucius Tarquinius Priscus as the first was building using stones and other materials, replacing wood in mainly part. Bricks were using in architecture a lot of years after, be sure that bricks weren't using in times of the Roman Kingdom. At this moment I have written a really short version of the history of the architecture of the Roman Kingdom and now You more-less know what architecture style will be on maps of the United Studio 2020 upcoming album "True Kingdom".


I want to tell You that buildings of maps of the "True Kingdom" album will be very different. It will be like that, because We want to show You the evolution of architecture of the Roman Kingdom. Sometimes (especially in the "first period of architecture of the Roman Kingdom", architecture will be like in art, not like in absolute true history, because We want to do some art style in the upcoming album. Well, but be sure that more than art style there will be total historical style.


In the next article You will show buildings, which You will can find on maps of the "True Kingdom" album. It will contain the surprise.


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