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Like I write before I do not write anymore about importance of bushes on the games maps. This is obvious. Now I share a link to home page of Unity Assets Store click

If You are interested in Unity, please follow this link.


Thank You for reading this article, for reading and following our website and us. We still have a lots of work on the "True Kingdom" album, so I have got a lots of time for writing articles for You. I think next article will be interesting, like I hope this:) I will write something about other plants, other things on the maps of our upcoming album and other important and interesting facts and events about us and our projects.


Please write to us If You have any questions and an idea or something other. Please write to us.


I will be writing more about especially "True Kingdom" album. I promise that You have not to wait so long like in this case. And I promise that upcoming "True Kingdom" album will be perfect and excellent. I am doing everything to last sentence will be true. Let yourself be surprised!


Thanks for reading!

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We are starting with bushes. When map have to be realistic, bushes are must. And bushes always give map better looking. On the left You can see screenshot (made by bushes' authors) of such nice bushes, which we are using now in making of "True Kingdom" album. You can find this bushes on Unity Asset Store. These models were made by Nobiax / Yughues. There is the link to specially website on Unity Asset Store, on which You can read something more about this models from text, which have being wrote by author. You can also buy this click.


Well, I will not write something more about bushes because this will be very boring. But I can only say that these bushes on left are so beautiful and I thanks a lot to author of this nice job. We chose this, because we thought that these bushes are masterpiece and we are thinking the same now. Thank You Yughues!

30 October 2021


Hello our fans!


First of all, I am sorrow because you had to waiting for the next article United Studio 2020 over one month. We still alive:) I did not wrote any article, because I was working on the our upcoming album, which will be named as "True Kingdom".


Today I am writing to You with the really giant information. Topic of this article is bushes that will appear on the upcoming maps of the "True Kingdom". If You didn't hear about the "True Kingdom" album, take it easy.  I will tell You something about this project. The "True Kingdom" is the album, which we are currently working on. This album will explain You the history of the Roman Kingdom by a lots of emotional micro-games. I admire You, read more about this project on this website in earlier articles. It is really interesting.


Back to the topic, plants are a very important part of the game's map. Without plants, the map will not living. Maps like that, in my opinion, are terrifying. What do you think about this? Please, write to me:) Well, I am not making lifeless maps. I promise You that You will not find the lifeless map in games of "True Kingdom" album.



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