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Hello friends!


Today's article will be about characters, which will apear on the maps of upcoming United Studio 2020 "True Kingdom" album. This article will be the last one from cycle about assets, which are using in making "True Kingdom" album.


United Studio 2020 are using four models of characters, which are made by three authours. In this momeny I shold tell You that You can be calm, there will not be only four the same types of characters on the all maps of "True Kingdom" album; calmly, United Studio 2020 while is using this four assets bundle, are trying to make every character different. We are making every character with other height, other type of a silhouette. We are also giving to our characters different clothes (other clothes, made from other material; in different colours, and more differences). So, be calm that You will not see that all characters on a map are the same. It is very important for developers from United Studio 2020 during works on the "True Kingdom" album.


I think that everyone will agree with me that characters in computers games are must, especially in a game like games on the "True Kingdom" album.


We can divided characters into enemies, allies and undependences persons (NPCs).


Often in role of undependences persons in games of "True Kingdom" we have Roman Diplomat (first graphic) made by Alin Loghin, this asset is very easy in use. In the same role we have Roman Citizen made by Pixel Crushers. Also from Pixel Crushers we have Roman Soldier, which in "True Kingdom" album never is enemy, often is our ally, sometimes is undependences. About these assets bundles I can write a lot, but I will write only: Assets from Pixel Crushers are very hard in use at the beginnig, but If You have enought knowledge You can make using these assets bundles beautifuls arts. United Studio 2020 is on the best way to do this. Return to the Pixel Crushers topic, everytime when You are using these assets bundle (first You have to bought this on official website of Pixel Crushers on the Unity Asset Store), You have to download for free "UMA 2 - Unity Multipurpose Avatar", without this free package Your before bought prefab will not be working. It is very imporrtant. All UMA system is based on the system of wardrobs. It means that You have naked, without clothes (default with underware) character (You can change sex and You have more options) and after create of this character You can dress Your character in clothes from earlier bought clothes and accessory. Like I have written before, at the beginnig it is so hard, but If "You know how", You can make beautiful, perfect arts. The last graphic is showing woman (Ara for Kala Female), which You will see on the "True Kingdom" album, she is made by Tafi. Sometimes she will be in role of undependences person, but I will not write in this moment her mainly role in the "True Kingdom" album. You can guess her role. If You know the history of the Roman Kingdom, it is easy. If You know her mainly role, please write to me...















Great thanks to Alin LoghinPixel CrushersTafi for extraordinary assets! You did these assets so good! Yours arts are helping United Studio 2020 making "True Kingdom" album.


Disclaimer: graphics are not mine, they are made by authors. If You, author want to remove Your images from my website, please write to me and I will quickly remove Your graphics. Thanks again for true arts.


Thanks for reading and please return!

Stay in perfect health and mood!




18 March 2022





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