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04 February 2022

Hello friends!


This article will be the shortest during making of our upcoming, third album, which is named "True Kingdom". This article is so mysterious. I share You only graphic, which will tell You more than my thousand word. Please, write to us with Your emotional sensations! If You have never seen this graphic...



It is graphic, which is showing the games, which You will find on our upcoming album. "True Kingdom" album will contain 10 games, which some from they will have s few mini-games. Like I write in August last year "True KIngdom" album will performance the history of the Ancient Rome in the period of the kingdom, in times of rex's.


Playing in the games of the "True Kingdom" album You will move back in time into times of Numitor and Amulius and You will be voyage in time during reigned of Romulus, Numa Pompilius, Tullus Hostilius, Ancus Marcus, Lucius Tarquinius Priscus, Servius Tullus, Lucius Tarquinius Superbus, You will fell the scandal of his son named Sextus Tarquinius, You will be a witness of the expel of the last roman rex (in latin "rex" meant king). In the end You will see established of the Roman Republic, which is the next period in the history of the Ancient Roman. Roman Republic lasted almost half thousand years! After Roman Republic there was the Roman Imperium. The times of the Roman Republic and the Roman Imperium are better know than the times of the Roman Kingdom, playing and watching the last part of the upcoming United Studio 2020 "True Kingdom" album You will find out why. 


In near future You will be able to turn on "True Kingdom" album and move into this ancient times, when Rome was rulled by the kings. Everything is like in a great music (artrock) concept-album:) I and all artist of United Studio 2020 made an effort to make beautiful, true histotic game.


In near future You will find out release date of the "True Kingdom" album. "True Kingdom" will apear on our timeline. I am so happy! And in this moment I promise You that "True Kingdom" album is not our end. Over time You will see, fell more, more and more. I invite You to our timeline. In this subpage You can see every our game and program.


Oh no, this article was longer than I fought before writing:) But I think that this article was not boring:) Thanks for reading!


Please write to us sometimes, we are so happy while we are readnig our emails:) Please stay longer with United Studio 2020.


"True Kingdom" is coming!


Let Yourself be surprised!


Thanks for being!

Stay in perfect health

Be happy (happiness is the very important part of the our lives)!


Your Stanley



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