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17 May 2023

Rules of the game:

The game involves two players: you and the computer (your opponent). Twenty-four cards are used in the game. The seniority of the cards in order from youngest to oldest: 9, 10, J, Q, K, A. Both players have twelve cards each at the start. The game starts with the player who has 9 and places it in the pile at the bottom (makes a stack). In the first turn, he can lay down other cards as well, but the 9 must be under all these cards. After him, it is the other player's turn. Players may lay cards on the stack with the seniority of the card on top of the stack or higher, the cards they want to lay must have the same seniority. It is permitted to lay cards in the quantity of:

  • 1 - whenever it is appropriate;
  • 3 - when one card of that seniority is on top of the stack;
  • 4 - whenever a player has a set of all four cards of one (higher than the cards on top of the stack) seniority;
  • never 2.

So if the first player in his first turn wants to lay down more cards than one 9 he is able to lay down all four 9's. When a player cannot or does not want to lay down his cards (e.g. when he has no cards of the same or higher seniority than the card on top of the stack), he should take any number of cards from the stack (in order from top to bottom). You can never take 9 from the very bottom. After taking cards from the stack, it is the next player's turn. The main objective of the game is to get rid of the cards before the opponent. Once this goal is achieved, the game is won. As you can read, the rules are not particularly complicated. The big game is reserved for randomness, but even more important is strategic thinking.




Today I have the great honour of introducing you to another project from United Studio 2020. As you can see, my absence from writing articles on this site earlier this year was dictated by the time needed to do something great. After the single 'Stubai', which was released on 10 April, I can inform you about the next single - it is called 'Disposal'. It is a game, a famous card game where the goal is to get rid of all your cards, then you become the winner. The rules of the game are described in detail below, you can read them to know how to play. I would also like to inform you that this is the start of another major release. Furthermore, I can write that a new album is coming. It will be premiered in the 'near future'. I am very happy to be able to write all these good things. I wish these projects to be blessed with your approval. I will write about the next album in detail in future articles. I think for this moment it is better to enjoy the completely free single "Disposal"!



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