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15 April 2022



Hello friends!


Today I am writing to You with some informations about versions of the first release of the TRUE KINGDOM album. We are planing three editions. Of course one is virtual. Second is on USB; third is on DVD disc. Before the TRUE KINGDOM we did not make release on DVD, but the TRUE KINGDOM is so huge. We are going to release the TRUE KINGDOM on two DVD discs with 8.5 GB capacity and USB with 16 GB capacity.


During works on the TRUE KINGDOM album we wanted to do this in the best quality, which was possible. The implication of this is the giant size of the files. The games of the TRUE KINGDOM album to works in the best quality needs quite powerful computer. The most important is RAM. The minimum value of this is equal to 12 GB, but with this RAM slight slowdown is possible, but if You have 24 GB, the great majority is in the best quality. When You have 32 GB - don't be afraid. I think that even 16 GB is enough for the best quality.


Why in my opinion are DVD and USB versions better?

First argument is fact that You can put this into Your coletion in reality, maybe only I think like that, but second fact is that TRUE KINGDOM has such a huge size and when You have this on DVD or USB You do not need to install all files on Your computer. It is easier. But If You want to buy this in the virtual version, my advise for You: You do not need to install all files in the one time. You can even download one part, then play it and next remove from Your computer and download other part.


In near future You will can buy the TRUE KINGDOM album (in all versions) on our shop. In this shop even today You can also find our finished arts. In this subpage You can buy our albums (UNITED STUDIO 2020, A THOUSAND AND MORE) and our singles (DOG, STANLEYS' GAMES, SI CALCULATOR). Soon to the shop will come the TRUE KINGDOM album. I write for You if You have forgotten or You do not know; in our shop You can buy every our project via normal way and via Allegro.


A few words from me: United Studio 2020 have been working on the TRUE KINGDOM album since June 2021 and now we see effects. It is so emotional for us and I hope also for You. Did You see the advertisements promoting the TRUE KINGDOM album? Did You see the trailers of the TRUE KINGDOM album? Please write to us.



If You have any questions to me about editions of TRUE KINGDOM or technics parameters of this album or something other, please write to me. I promise You that I will write back in short time.


In the end some quote by Laozi:

"Going on means going far

  Going far means returning"

So, please return!


Thanks for reading!

Stay in perfect condition!













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