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17 June 2023

Hello friends!


In this article I want to present You our new single “EXCITEMENT (Mobile)” which promotes the upcoming “EXCITEMENT ABOUT TIME” album. It is the second (after “DISPOSAL”) single from this album. This is an application created for mobile Android devices. The upcoming album will contain “EXCITEMENT”, but in a version dedicated to PCs. Every application included on this album will be available on PCs. However we have also decided to release the mobile version of this game as a single. This is about a non-historical clash between soldiers of the Roman legions and their opponents. The battles take place on three maps located on islands. The player just takes on the role of a Roman and aims to defeat all opponents. You may download the “EXCITEMENT (Mobile)” game using the following link: the link. You can download only the file with the “apk” extension, it is not necessary to download the “Manual” file with a full documentation to the game. Find the “EXCITEMENT.apk” file in downloaded files on Your device, then please install the application by pressing a file and following the further instructions. After the installation You may open the game by pressing the icon of the application (the icon is the logo of UNITED STUDIO 2020 on the light motive).


Thanks for reading! I wish You all the best!




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