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22 October 2022

Hello readers!


Some time ago, in my last article I have written Great Thank You specially to You. After this I prepared reeditions of all ours albums and singles. I also promised You surprises. I always keep my word. I am a very trustworthy person. Here is the one. It is my really first book! It is named "Francis". The storyline is about a great robot, which reformed the world for the better, more tolerant and equitable. Its also contains a lot of my reflections. I hope You ponder the meaning of this. It is very current book for today. I want to invite You to reading my first literature art. You can check this even today! You can buy this book on this website or using Allegro. For today it is only in the Ebook version, but I think it is not a problem for You, but if I am wrong, please ask and we will think about the best solution for You. Please, be ready for the next surprises. If You have any questions about this art, its form or something other, please write to me. I promise that I will answer You in really short time. I even please You to write to me - please, perform me Your sensations with my book! It will be excellent for me. I wish You enjoy!






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