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We are using beautiful skybox, which is made by Bicameral Studios, but not always. Sometimes we do not use any skybox. In this case we have nice clear sky (without clouds). It is beautiful too. But very more often we are using sky from Bicameral Studios.


*All graphics are made by Bicameral Studio and You can find these images on website of its project in Unity Assets Store.


Now I want to personally thank to authors of this really nice job. Thank You for made beautiful assets. With using results of Yours job our "True Kingdom" album will be more interesting and I am sure that a lots of games, which authors uses Bicameral Studios' assets will be more beautiful. Thank You again for Your work. You are great with making assets. Please, make more and more assets. I think that these assets are nice arts. I am waiting for more from You:)


We it will be end for telling You about grasses and skies textures, which You will see in "True Kingdom" project; really big project; maybe even giant project. I am writing to You again that You could visit Unity Assets Store website if You want download some asset for Unity graphics engine or only learn more about process of making games in this engine or something other. I share You link to the home-page of Unity Assets Store click.


Beautiful thanks for reading this article. I am very happy for this reason.


Stay in perfect health and return!




First I will write about part, which is lower - grass.

We are using beautiful models of grass on our maps. Now we thing that on some maps it will not be big 3D models of grasses. We want to performance that grasses are sometimes trampled, especially when a lots of people have been walking on these grasses. So we are going to make these grasses in 2D. But in the big number of maps there will be 3D textures of grasses.


We are using 3D textures of grasses, which was made by Bicameral Studios. We are using the library of assets, which contain of course beautiful 3D models of grasses, terrain textures, full-made prefabs of terrains and stunning sky, which we also use. We do not use ready terrain textures, it is very important to know about that we are using only models, everything else we are making personally.


Link to the website, which You can find using by us assets, made by Bicameral Studios click.

11 November 2021


Hello all fans!


At the beginning I want to thank You for following our website. Since 2019 You have been with us, but now there are more of You. It is brilliantly. United Studio 2020 has been growing for this over two years and now United Studio 2020 is still growing. Thanks a million for being with us. You are excellence. We have fans from dreams. Few days ago I analyzed the report about visits on our website. I am so proud and so happy. Thank You everyone together and thank You every single person. United Studio 2020 is nothing without fans. Happily we have a lots of such nice fans. Thanks You again. It is perfect that You trust us. Please, be sure we are doing everything the best as we can. We want to show You that we make a lots of useful programs and good interesting games. Please, stay with us. You will not be disappointed. Everything will be absolutely perfect.


Because we have dream fans, I am writing this article earlier than I have planed. This article is about grasses and skies in upcoming "True Kingdom" album. I suggest You, please read our earlier articles. You will learn more about "True Kingdom" album. Well, in the latest article I wrote about bushes on the maps. Today I will be writing a little bit similarly but about grasses and skies.


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