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The world of the game is the beautiful mountains of the Tyrol. There is one of the largest glacier ski resorts. The temperature difference between the high peaks and the lower valleys is more than 10 degrees Celsius. The differences are very impressive. The view from the valley to the peaks is breathtaking, as is the view from the summit to the valleys. The whole thing works wonderfully together. Join it with United Studio 2020.

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I really hope you like our latest launch!


I am still fixing this website and adding new opctions and subpages. If You are thinking that some things on our website can be better or need fix, please write to us. We are making us better for Yours always!

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The game can be downloaded completely free of charge from this page and also from the "Shop" subpage. Please write to us what you think of our premiere proposal for you!


10 April 2023




I am very honoured to present to you our latest launch. It is a single immersed in an alpine theme. The graphics perfectly illustrate how beautifully it plays. Everything there is so beautiful! I hope the premiere gains your approval.



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