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Here You have some promoting graphics, but there are not the final cover artworks. In the future more and not only images will appear. If You have any questions about purchasing the “Francis” book or You just want to give feedback, which is extraordinarily nice, please contact us via email We will answer You in a short time. Thanks for reading our blog, please follow us also in the future.


I in the name of all United Studio 2020 wish You all goods. Let Yourself be surprised!






When will the  “Francis” album be released? For today I cannot appoint a specific day, but I promise You that the time to release-day will be shorter than the near one year between the first article about “True Kingdom” album and its premiere. At this moment I can inform You that the “FRANCIS” will circulate in the sphere of the style of “TRUE KINGDOM”. What it means? This means that the current project is creating with the same tools that “True Kingdom” was. We are also using some materials that You could see on that album, but there will be no shortage of novelties. But what is more important, in my opinion, that “FRANCIS” will be the concept-album. It will be similar to the album about the Roman Kingdom in some compositional, structural layers. Of course, it will not be the idea-copy; for example, one difference is the method of running the plot. If You are interested in our solutions implemented in “Francis” album, please follow this website for more information. There will appear the next articles on this topic in the following time. 


I would like to write a little more about plot - the events performed in the games will not be only the visualization of the events described in the book, but more the complementing them. In the end the book and the album will perform the complete story of the great character, Francis in an emotionally charged way, with many references to the general truth. We try very hard to put as much artistry into it as possible. We trust that it will be liked by You. I think there are many people with artistic fierceness that will fall in love with the story of brave and proud Francis pursuing his goal, the symbol of paying heavy prices and being in not only light-moments in being steadfast and full of love, power and the passion.



22 October 2023


Hello dear friends!


Today I am very glad to be able to announce that in United Studio 2020 there are lasting works on the next album. We are working now on the next art that we wish will achieve in the future Your approval and admiration. Our fifth album will be named “FRANCIS”, like my book published on the 22th October last year and the album will perform (in game-version style) the magnificent plot of the book. I hope You are interested in this project. You can even today read the book in polish language or wait a short time to premiere it in english. All You might find on this website. It will help You to feel the unique atmosphere of the upcoming album.


Godziny otwarcia







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