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23 August 2021

Hello all friends!


We are so happy that You are reading the article on our website. First of all, about two weeks ago I have translated everything without articles attached "A Thousand And More" on our website to english. I have decided to write everything in English from this moment. So this is the first article, which is written only in english. Well, one information about this website more - I fixed showing of the website on phones screen. I made it simple. And very important - I am not stopping to develop this website.


The main topic of this article - Today UNITED STUDIO 2020 announced a new album! We are so happy that we are able to write this article. About a month ago I wrote one article about the Roman Kingdom, but I know that You didn't know what I meant when I published that article. That was like a mysterious trailer. This first trailer shows a really short version of the history of the Roman Kingdom. Now we announced that the last article attached our next album.


In June this year we released "A Thousand And More". I think that You remember this event, but if You didn't know about the "A Thousand And More" album, You would buy this. This is only one entire from this unawareness. I recommend this so much! You know - everything is on this website.



After "A Thousand And More" there will be "True Kingdom". This will be the name of our new album. We have just been creating "True Kingdom", but we need a lot of time to finish. For this moment we do not announce the date of release of this album.


History of Ancient Rome is very interesting. The most popular is the period of Roman Imperium. It was the latest period in the history of Ancient Rome. Before the Roman Imperium there was the Roman Republic. It is less popular than Imperium's times. We know the history of this middle period of Ancient Rome well. Before the Roman Republic, the earliest period of Ancient Rome, was the Roman Kingdom. Historians know only very few events and persons from this period. Bad fact is that some people don't know that there was a Roman Kingdom and that Rome was ruled by kings for almost two hundred fifty years (753 BC - 509 BC). It's so sad. I am not afraid that is true, I know that. I am creating the "True Kingdom" album because I wish more people would know more about ancient history, history of Rome. I wish that I made You interested in this part of world history.


Like I wrote before, we don't announce the release date of the coming album and we need a lot of time. Well, it's great because we have a lot of time to explain and show a lot of things about "True Kingdom". I am going to bring knowledge and photos from the time of making our next album to You. Be ready for next articles about the "True Kingdom" album with information, screens and art graphics. 


And now, I recommend You play and use all released games and programs by United Studio 2020. And be ready for more.

And for the end, I decided to write everything in font named "Times New Roman":) Now it's everything like in Ancient Rome:)


Thanks for reading, please return to us!




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