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Hello readers!


This article is about Pons Sublicius, which (i have to write a few historical facts) was the first bridge built on Tiber. Pons Sublicius was created in really early period of the history of the Roman Imperium, in the times of the Roman Kingdom. The shame is that now we cannot see any leftovers of Pons Sublicius, unfornately.


As I have written before, this bridge was built in the times of the Roman Kingdom so we, as United Studio 2020, during the works on our third album, which perform the all history of the Roman Kingdom, named TRUE KINGDOM, to created as realistic Rome's area as possible, we shoulded "rebuild" Pons Sublicius. Of course, we "rebuilded" it and a lots of others objects, buldings and others constructions, but today I want to write about Pons Sublicious. We did it well.


In this article I want to show You the effects of our works on "recreating of the first bridge on Tiber", write that charming objects and others constructions like this recreated Pons Sublicius You will can see on the our upcoming TRUE KINGDOM album, which is seriously near; I want to invite You to learn more and play TRUE KINGDOM.


I also want to perform You our special offer. We decided to put up for sale our version of Pons Sublicius. I think that if You create computer games (not only about the ancient history, of course) using 3D models You can use our model of the first bridge on Tiber and with this make Your game better; improve the final result of Your project.


The whole bridge is made into one prefab so it is really easy to use even if You are at the beginning of colecting knowledge about creating games. You can especially easy changing meterials of this prefab.


The volume of the files, which responsible for Pons Sublicius is not huge, I think if You create computer games with 3D graphics You had to seen bigger files before.


You could purchase our 3D model of the Pons Sublius in our shop. If You want to go to our shop please click "Shop" in the navigation on the upper part of this website. For this moment You can buy our Pons Sublicius only in version dedicated to download.


Thanks for reading my article on website of United Studio 2020 and please take care of You and Your health. I wish You perfect health and a realisation of Your the best dreams and stay in a good mood.


Your Stanley

04 May 2022





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