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26 May 2022

Hello all friends!


I am such a happy person because You are reading this website and this article. Today's article will be so short. I want to inform or maybe only remind You that in next friday there is planned the premiere of our third album, which is named TRUE KINGDOM. May I invite You heartily to play TRUE KINGDOM. If You want to learn more about this album, You have a lots of informations on this website, so You could just read.


I want to thank You again for brilliantly common way to upcoming friday. Thanks a milion for being with us during our preparations TRUE KINGDOM to finish. You are the best fans. You are fans from the greatest dreams. THANK YOU!


I also want to invite You to our YouTube chanel (named United Studio 2020), here is the link to our chanel. On this YouTube chanel You can see two trailers of TRUE KINGDOM album and even the trailer of A THOUSAND AND MORE album. I recommend You this album, it is our second album. Our first album is called UNITED STUDIO 2020. I also recommend You UNITED STUDIO 2020 album and also our singles. Please, check all our projects. I think the best way for it is using the subpage on this website named "timeline"; on this subpage You can see every our projects (all albums as all singles) on the one timeline through all the years. United Studio 2020 has started creating games and programs and other projects in 2019 year.


Back to the topic. On United Studio 2020 YouTube chanel in near futere You will can see the third trailer of TRUE KINGDOM album. This trailer will be different from the past two. This trailer will perform You video, from which You will can behold playing in the one scene of the mini-game included in TRUE KINGDOM album. From this moment I cannot tell You, which part exactly it shows, but it will be show in the trailer. We can say that third trailer of TRUE KINGDOM album will be gameplay trailer. I invite You again heartily to our YouTube chanel.


TRUE KINGDOM album by United Studio 2020 is truly near. The truth still is that TRUE KINGDOM album have not been released yet, but also the truth is that You can buy TRUE KINGDOM already in the pre-order method.


If You buy TRUE KINGDOM album in the pre-order method, You will get the all content of this album in the day of the first released, which is equal to 03.06.2022!


I want to recommend You the method of buying in the pre-order TRUE KINGDOM album. You can do it from the shop subpage.


Thanks a milion for reading my article.

I wish You heartily excellent healt and nice mood!

Please return to us.




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