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Thanksgiving Day

25 November 2021

Today is the 25th of November, the fourth Thursday of this month, so today we have Thanksgiving Day. Today I wish to especially thank You for all that You do for us. You are fans from absolutely beautiful dreams. Thank You for reading this article, for reading all our website, for the mails, which You write to us (it be brilliantly if You will write more:) but even now it's pretty good, we are happy for this reason). In the end, thank You for your interest in a lot of different projects. We are grateful because You use programs made by United Studio 2020 and play a giant number of games released by United Studio 2020. Summary: We are such happy people, because You are with us. Thank You again.


Today I am writing the article, which does not contain new information about the “True Kingdom” album and does not contain other information about projects from United Studio 2020. I am writing this day only to say “Thank You”.


I thank You and I made for You the special discount on Allegro for every available games and programs by United Studio 2020. This discount will cest exist till 9 pm CEST Tuesday (30.11.2021). Please see:)


I please You, celebrate Thanksgiving Day. It is a beautiful circumstance to say proudly, very loudly the beautiful word, which is “THANK YOU”. Let We thank each other. Let us thank all the people who are doing something good for us. Of course, we can thank each other, on every day of the year, but today there are beautiful circumstances. Just Thank You for being. Please, stay with us and return. May the good, cheerful mood stays with You. I invite You to next articles on this website.





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