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08 April 2023



I want to start by apologising to You that I haven't written since October. That's a long time. It would have been better to write some articles, but I didn't. As I wrote, it's been a long time and the very good news is that I haven't wasted that period. I had a lot of work to do and I still do. I worked a lot on my own knowledge. Of course, I also worked with United Studio 2020. When there is work, there are always results. As United Studio 2020, we think these effects are beautiful, so we want to share them with You. In this article, I want to write to You, initially, about what is happening at United Studio 2020 and in my further work. I hope you will find this text interesting.


To be honest, there will be another premiere soon. It will be happening in the near future and I think it will be better if I explain everything to You at the premiere.


After the event I wrote about earlier, there will be other premieres. Some big thing is coming up. For now, all I can say is that it will be good for Your experience of virtual games and tools. But for now, I recommend You focus on the first of our projects, mentioned above, or I can also recommend You our album called 'A Thousand and More', which is available from 2021 and also contains virtual games and tools.


As I wrote in the first paragraph, something is also being created outside of United Studio 2020, from my own artistic path. I find it gripping and for this reason and a few others I want to share this art with You.


I think You can now agree with me that I certainly haven't wasted any recent time. I have been working on many things that you will be able to experience in the future.


Thanks for reading, it will be great if You will come back!

All good for You!




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