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I thank You, CG Creative Sets, You have made great assets, which I am using to make my game more real. Thank You again. At the end I share for everyone link to website, from which You can download this assets bundle. Please, CLICK.


Besides assets made by CG Creative Sets, on maps of the "True KIngdom" album You will see beautiful assets, which were made by Bauervision and its name is "Forest Vision Lite". It contain such a real prefab of the tree. This assets bundle contain a lots of such advanced options. Thank You Bauervision for real-looking assets. Assets like this makes my game more really and better:) Thank You again. Now, I will share to everyone link to this assets bundle. Please, CLICK.


Please wait for more articles with more informations about the upcoming "True Kingdom" album and the rest about United Studio 2020. Let yourself be surprised. We will do every with heart for Your satisfaction from our projects and for the unimaginable and unprecedented artistic expression.


Thanks for reading!

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Here You have link to official website of the Unity Assets Store. You should only CLICK and You are on the Unity Assets Store website.


Well, one important information - Images, which You can see are not mine. This images are from official website of the Unity Assets Store and probably were made by authors of this assets. Now I am writing to authors of this arts. If You want to remove yours imges from my website, please, write to me and I promise You that I will delete graphics quickly.


First assets bundle, which I am writing is "Mountain Terrain + Rock + Tree" by CG Creative Sets. It contain beautiful, such a real-looking prefab of tree. It is acacia. This bundle also contain beautiful prefab of stone. You will see this stone's model especially on the one map. Besides tree and stone You can also find the terrain. It is very nice, but You will not see this on the upcoming United Studio 2020 "True Kingdom" album. We do not use ready-terrain-prefab:)

02 January 2022


Hello fans!


Today I am writing the article about trees, which are on maps of the upcoming United Studio 2020 "True Kingdom" album. First of all You should know that maps of the "True Kingdom" will contain more than one types of trees.


In this article You will see some images of assets, which We are using during works on maps of our upcoming album. I think that I have choosen the best assets; which makes really good view for maps, and this assets are in ROMAN STYLE. It is very, very important when we are making giant game, which all scenes are in Rome and very near Rome area.


Like I wrote before You can find this assets on the Unity Assets Store. A lots of assets, which I am using are from Unity Assets Store. A lot of, because are really good; but not every.


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