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I am still fixing this website and adding new opctions and subpages. If You are thinking that some things on our website can be better or need fix, please write to us. We are making us better for Yours always!

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About Unity


Unity is game engine. Unity is using by giants studios, mediums studios, smalls studios and individual developers. This is one from top popular games engines in the world. For me, this is the best choice from all games engines. So, I have choosed it.

I will not writing about things, which interesting only programers. I will write some for gamers. Some games, which are made in Unity engine: "Firewatch", "Kentucky Road Zero", "Cities in Motion 2", "A Valley Without Wind", "Cities: Skyliners".

While You are using Unity engine, You can make very difrent types of applications. You can make 3D games and 2D games. You also have choice what type of graphics do You want to do. Most popular types of graphics are: realistic, low-poly, Lego games.

Well, this is good moment to write that games curtain in True Kingdom album are creating in Unity3D and choise about graphics style is realistic. I wish True Kingdom is with total realistic graphics style, so I am creating these games with using maximally realistic materials.

Okay, be ready for news about "True Kingdom" from United Studio 2020. I am going to write some articles about details in graphics of comming up album, for example about trees, bushes, buildings and other, but this is going to happend in far future.

Like I wrote before, using Unity You can make very big number of details on creating map. I promise that on maps of upcoming games will be a lots of details. I am sure that You will not be disappointed. You will love this album.

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10 September 2021


True Kingdom is creating with Unity


Hello friends! Thanks for coming!

Our coming album, called "True Kingdom", will be using UNITY. To everyone who didnt't read latest article: I please You, read this, it will be very important with understand todays article in hundert procent.

We still do not announced date of realase of the next album, but we are going to explain You a lots of informations and rules and basics of this monumental game like we promised before. Today there is first this type article - explaing informations about United Studio 2020 "True Kingdom".



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