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21 January 2022

Hello friends!


Today I am writing to You without informations about our upcoming "True Kingdom" album, but this article is important too for United Studio 2020 and in my opinion for our friends, followers (in original meaning of this word, true friends, which follow us and our arts). As I am writing about You, I want to thank You a milion for being with us. You are such a great friend and fans. Thanks again for being with United Studio 2020.


This article will be so short and it will be about update of this website. In change of the years 2021 and 2022 I have added more subpages and You can see they. New-added Subpages are about every our released project and all our history. You can find timeline, which contain every important points of our history. You can also see all our albums and singiels on this timeline. You can also read some facts about every our project and from these wesite You can buy choosen album or singiel. For this time every our released album and singiel is avaible; You can buy everything in our shop and on the Allegro. On this timeline You can also see free-projects, which You can download for free also from this website:) I added also website with alphabetical list, which contain all our games and programs. I hope that now there is everyhing tidy. Last but not least, I put a few words about every album and singiel (date of released; instrutions and some more). I make some additional graphics.


I hope that You enjoy it, in this case I will be so happy and proud that I made thing, which won Your favor.


On this timeline in near future You will se the "True Kingdom" album, which will perfect, with details explain, performance for You the very interesting history of the Roman Kingdom. "True Kingdom" is near!!!


Stay in perfect health!

Your Stanley



Godziny otwarcia







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